10 Cute Fruit Nail Designs For Summer

Fruit nail designs are very popular in summer. Women who love beauty must have a particularly beautiful nail design, The girl who loves eating must also have her favorite fruit. If you love eating and beauty, you must not miss the fruit nail design. In my opinion, the fruit is the only food that can combine with nails.

Let’s share some lovely fruit nail designs for you. Some styles are simple and suitable for you to do. When spring comes, will summer be far behind? Let’s get ready now.

1.Red grapefruit nail design

We all know that grapefruit is a very nutritious fruit, especially red grapefruit. Red grapefruit is not only delicious but also very good-looking. This red grapefruit nail design is very successful, and it captures the characteristics of grapefruit. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a simple orange-red nail design, but when I looked at the nail surface carefully, it seemed that there were water drops. It was amazing. This design is like a grapefruit slice stuck on the fingernail, plus water drops, great design. If you choose this nail design in summer, you will also fall in love with this summer.

2.Colorful lemon design

The cut surface of the lemon is like a flower, which is perfect for nail design. I believe everyone has drunk lemonade and tasted its sour taste. I still remember the taste of cold lemonade. In hot summer, drinking a glass of lemonade can immediately relieve the feeling of body heat. This lemon slice nail design is highly restored to the original state of the lemon, with the addition of pink and yellow, it looks very colorful. You can recall the taste of cold lemonade just by looking at it.

3.Multiple fruit combinations

What fruit do you like? This nail design combines watermelon, lemon, kiwi fruit, and strawberry. No matter what fruit you like, you can make it into a manicure. The design of this combination of fruits looks very lovely. Summer is the season with the most fruits, so only fruits can best represent summer. This design is very suitable for students because it conforms to the temperament of students.

4.Red-orange manicure

Oranges are usually white, but white doesn’t look attractive enough, so I choose red oranges for my nail design. I personally like eating oranges very much, so I also like this nail design very much. Slices of oranges are just as good-looking as lemons. Oranges look fuller. For those who love oranges, this nail design you must try.

5.Pink strawberry

If you like red, you must like this strawberry nail design. This design consists of two parts, the first part is pink nails, the second part is strawberry. The big strawberry spread all over the nail is very beautiful. Pink nails make strawberries look brighter and make them look longer.

6.Watermelon nail design

How can we not mention watermelon in the summer? Watermelon can be said to be necessary for summer. Of course, watermelon nail design is also necessary in summer. Watermelon is my favorite fruit, so I’m very interested in everything about watermelon. The unique feature of this design is that it is decorated with watermelon rind, which looks like a whole watermelon.

7.Burgundy cherry

Burgundy color is one of my favorite colors. It seems that it will never go out of date. We can always see it in fashion or in life. Cherry color is very close to Burgundy color, while the shape is small and lovely. Although cherry is rich in nutrition, its shelf life is very short. Cherry nail design seems to extend its shelf life, our fingers are always fresh luster.

8.Green avocado

It’s hard to imagine what it would look like to combine avocados with nails? Avocado is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, but not everyone likes it. I think the most interesting thing about avocado is its shape and color, which is similar to pear, but greener than a pear. The avocado nail design is a bold idea that will make you look more special this summer.

9.Lovely pineapple nails

There are some fruits you want to eat when you see them. Pineapple is such a fruit. The taste of pineapple is unforgettable, and the design of the pineapple nail is also attractive. This design uses yellow and green, yellow represents pineapple, green represents leaves. If you like pineapple, try this pineapple nail design. When people see your nails, they will know that you like pineapple, which is a good way to communicate.

10.Cool apple red

The first time I saw this nail design, I didn’t see any fruit. Apple is one of the most common fruits, and it is also the most easily ignored fruit. There are many kinds of apple red. This design uses mixed red, which looks more special. Five fingers all use the same apple red, not too much decoration, simple and lovely.

Love of beauty, everyone has it, nail designs have become a part of women’s daily life. Among many designs, fruit nail is a beautiful landscape, which is not only suitable for spring, but also for summer. What fruits are suitable for nails? Strawberry, watermelon, peach, orange, lemon, pineapple, etc. Their fruits are all very suitable. It’s a very interesting thing to make your favorite fruit into a fruit nail design. Imagine seeing the shape of your fruit nail in the hot summer. Is it cool in an instant? Fruit nails are not only colorful but also very cute. They are very suitable for students and young women. Don’t think it’s complicated to do fruit nails. In fact, it’s very simple. It only needs a few steps to achieve a lovely and unique look.

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