8 Awesome Makeup Ideas You May Wanna Try

Fashionable and natural makeup design has always been popular with everyone. In recent years, more and more women began to pay attention to natural makeup, because they think natural is the most beautiful. What we want to explore is the makeup design that combines nature and fashion. Natural makeup is the expression of self-confidence. Only with healthy skin can you control this kind of makeup. If your skin health needs improving, don’t worry, we have some makeup suggestions that may help you.

1.Natural and healthy skin

We can’t ignore our natural beauty, so we should always take care of our skin. Natural and healthy skin is the most beautiful. Imagine how good the skin is when a baby is born. We used a lot of cosmetics to make our skin look white and shiny, but with little success. Therefore, we might as well solve the most fundamental problem, we should find a way to let our skin back to a white and shiny state. Pay attention to your daily diet, routine, mood, and make yourself healthy from the inside out.


2.Natural eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows not only protect our eyes but also make our eyes look more natural and beautiful. We shouldn’t alter our many eyebrows too much. The color, shape and density of eyebrows shouldn’t  be fundamentally changed. When trimming eyebrows, we should slightly modify them according to the original lines and shapes of eyebrows. If we make too many changes to the eyebrows, it may make our eyebrows very strange, and out of place with our eyes. So I suggest we keep our eyebrows in their natural state.


3.Metallic Eye Makeup

The glittering metallic luster is more eye-catching than any cosmetics. On some occasions, we may want to be the focus of the audience. Metallic eye makeup makes it easy for you to achieve this effect. You may be able to get enough turning back just by blinking. This makeup has many colors of eye shadow selection, such as blue, gold, pink and so on. Try different color combinations for different social occasions.


4.Smokey eye makeup

Many fashionistas are familiar with smokey makeup but have you ever tried “crazy smokey”? “crazy smokey” is totally different from the traditional smoky makeup. It looks more dramatic and special. If natural makeup embodies our own beauty, “crazy smokey” embodies fashion beauty. This kind of makeup is very suitable for prom and party. Then you must be the most attractive person in the whole audience.


5.Rainbow eye makeup

If you love rainbows, let them be a part of your beauty. Rainbow eye makeup looks amazing, and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. The rainbow of seven colors surrounds your eyes and makes them shine like the sun in the sky. The disadvantage of this kind of makeup is that it is difficult to make up and needs some techniques. You need to prepare at least five colors of eye shadow, and the makeup process may take at least half an hour. After you finish this makeup several times, your makeup time will gradually decrease.


6.Eye makeup with clear lines

Eye makeup with clear lines looks very beautiful. This design is well combined with natural makeup, which retains the original beauty and enriches the color of the eyes. If you already have good lines and don’t want to decorate them more, try this. If you don’t have time to make up for the party, then this makeup is your best choice.


7.Fashionable red lipstick

Red lipstick has magical powers. It can make women attractive. Coral red, apple red, wine red, chocolate red are the most popular. Red is a versatile color and you can always find the right red lipstick for any occasion. You can choose wine red for prom, coral red for work, chocolate red for shopping. There is always one for you.


8.Nude lip makeup

Natural and fashion are very important. Nude lip makeup keeps the original shape of the lips and makes them look shinier. This lip makeup is elegant and attractive without too much embellishment. If you don’t know what lipstick to wear next time,  try a nude lip, A sexy lip can be achieved in a few simple steps.

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