5 Meaningful Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Designs For Women

The four-leaf clover is a unique plant, it is a symbol of luck. In our daily life, clover is common, and a four-leaf clover is very few. So the fourth leaf is considered a symbol of good luck. Then, the tattoo with four-leaf clover will bring us good luck.

Every leaf of a four-leaf clover has a meaning. The first is fame, the second is wealth, the third is love, and the fourth is health. Obviously, it contains four things that people dream of. Tattoos are for our whole life. Four-leaf clover tattoos can make us carry these four wonderful things in our whole life.

As tattoo art becomes more and more popular, more and more people like tattoos. In my opinion,  tattoos are normal for men and relatively rare for women. Now we can get rid of this impression. More and more women choose to use a tattoo as art to show themselves. There are many patterns suitable for women tattoos, but how to choose a beautiful and meaningful tattoo is very important for us. The four-leaf clover is a special design for women to tattoo, it looks unique and symbolizes beautiful things. Let’s share some meaningful four leaf clover tattoo designs.

1.Lucky four-leaf clover

One of the important reasons why I chose the clover tattoo is that it brings me good luck. The design, which uses a four-leaf clover with the letters lucky, clearly takes the four-leaf clover as a symbol of good luck. Green clover with some red, red and green constitute a strong visual impact. This simple design is very suitable for women. It is suitable for tattooing on arms, legs, and waist. If you like small and meaningful tattoos, I especially recommend this four-leaf clover tattoo design.

2.Four-leaf clover for family

There are many important people in our life, the most important of them are mom and dad. If there is anything good, I like to share it with my family. The four leaves of the four-leaf clover all have a good meaning. It is very meaningful to share the good wishes of each leaf with the family. This design is a clover, three leaves respectively write mom, dad and myself, and finally form the whole family. If you are a family of four, I think it would be better to replace this design with a four-leaf clover.

3.Simple four-leaf clover

Simple is the best. We will play a lot of roles in our life. We may feel very tired after a day. If you try to change your lifestyle and make yourself simple, you will find that everything in life is so wonderful. It’s the same with tattoos. Some people choose complicated tattoo patterns, which may be a temporary idea, and later they will regret their decision. This simple four-leaf clover tattoo design has no other colors and no other patterns to match and keeps the original state of the four-leaf clover. If you have any new ideas in the future, you can add some more patterns to it, leaving us the choice.

4.Horseshoes with four-leaf clover

Horseshoe is another thing that can bring us good luck. Horseshoes are like a crescent moon, symbolizing the birth of a new life and a good wish for life. Four-leaf clovers and horseshoes are a perfect match for good luck. If you have a lot of problems in your recent life, it’s better to try this tattoo. Maybe it can bring you good luck.

5.Clover with personal elements

There are no two leaves. We all have our own characteristics, so you certainly don’t want your tattoos to be the same as others. The best way is to add a personal element to the tattoo, plus our own design is also very meaningful. This design adds rich colors to the four-leaf clover to make the leaves look colorful. If you want your tattoo to look unique, try it.

This kind of tattoo design has a good advantage because the four-leaf clover pattern can be designed into a variety of styles. No matter you are a student or a working woman, you can find a clover design that suits you.

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